Legal Training

We work with you for better outcomes for your clients.

RLC works in partnership with community workers, advocates and lawyers, by providing legal training and resources, so that you can better assist your clients.

  • We train workers in NSW and occasionally Australia-wide.
  • We present a calendar of training webinars (online workshops) - see below.
  • We record webinars and videos for viewing at a convenient time.
  • We can also come to you, at a time and place that suits you - ask us about customised workplace training.


Training calendar

Below are all our past and future workshop topics. You can:

  1. Participate in a webinar: Click on the topic for details, fees and booking forms. (If there is no link, the details and booking form are not yet available).
  2. Watch a video or a video recording of a webinar:

    - Future webinars: Register for that webinar, and we will send you the link to that recording when it's available.

    - Or get an annual subscription, so everyone in your agency or team can access all past and future videos (below).


Live webinars

NEWS FLASH! In light of the many legal problems currently impacting your clients, RLC is waiving all fees on our Community Worker Training Program for the time being, in order to reach more workers and have a positive impact on more clients. We are also offering a more varied range of presentations. We have started with 2 video conversations with our lawyers on current hot topics, below.



COVID-19: Rent reductions and evictions in NSW during the pandemic Short video available free of charge now - click the link

COVID-19: Negotiating rent with your landlord in NSW

Short video available free of charge now - click the link

Identifying financial abuse in intimate partner relationships, and supporting victim survivors

Wednesday 1 July 2020
- free of charge

Resolving Financial Abuse Legal Issues

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Introduction to Social Housing Law & Policy (NSW)

late 2020 TBA

Money Matters in Social Housing (NSW)

late 2020 TBA

Getting the Kids Back: Helping your client prepare for a Children’s Court restoration application

August 2020

Police powers

September 2020

Employment issues for migrant workers

October 2020

Evicted! Or not? Challenging terminations in NSW Tenancies

November  2020

Help! My Client has Problem Debts #1

November 2020

Topics may change until exact dates are listed above. New training topics and confirmed dates are added throughout the year.


Video recordings

To watch these videos, get an annual subscription, then everyone in your agency or team can view all past and future videos. Or you can pay a single webinar fee to watch a single video. Enquiries: Nick Manning (02) 8037 8001 or email

Help your clients with payday loans video available now
Bullying, harassment & discrimination at work (NSW) video available now
International Students: Effective complaints about education providers video available now
Dodgy Jobs video available now
Navigating legal assistance: Getting the help your clients need (NSW) video available now
Changes to anti-social behaviour laws in public housing (NSW) video available now
Repairs in NSW public housing and private rentals video available now
Fines and penalty notices 1: Challenging the fine (NSW) video available now
Fines and penalty notices 2: Instalments, Waivers & WDOs (NSW) video available now
Police Street Powers (NSW) video available now
Introduction to Social Housing Law & Policy (NSW) video available now
Money Matters in Social Housing (NSW) video available now
The Subtly Corrosive Impact of Financial Abuse: Identifying and Assisting Victims video available now
Short changed at work: Wage theft from migrant workers video available now
De’Termination: Evictions and how to challenge them (NSW) video available now
Help! My Client has Problem Debts #1: How to navigate internal dispute resolution video available now


Social housing videos

RLC's Inner Sydney Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Service is a leader in the field of social housing law. These 3-4 minute training videos explain the basics of NSW social housing law and policy, and are a great starting point for anyone new to the topic.


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