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Training and resources to help you better assist your clients.

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Redfern Legal Centre works in partnership with community workers, advocates and lawyers, providing legal training and resources so that you can better assist your clients.

  • We train workers in NSW and Australia-wide.
  • We present a calendar of training webinars to watch live or on-demand.
  • We record webinars and videos for viewing at a convenient time.

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2024 Calendar - webinars coming soon

Our calendar in 2024:

  • Money Matters in NSW Social Housing  - 30 July 2024 at 11am
  • Help! My Client has Problem Debts #3: External dispute resolution - 21 August 2024 at 11am AEST
  • Minor drug offences, policing and the law in NSW - 10 September 2024 at 11am
  • Terminations & Evictions in NSW - 26 September 2024 at 11am
  • Dealing with Unpaid Fines in NSW #1: Disputing the Fine -  17 October 2024 at 11am
  • Domestic Violence & Tenancy in NSW -  6 November 2024 at 11am
  • Financial Abuse: Exploring our new holistic, multi- disciplinary service - 27 November 2024 at 11am AEDT

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Recent webinars

Below are our most recent webinars. Enquiries: Nick Manning


Advocacy training – how to participate

Above are all our past and scheduled future webinar topics. You can: 

  • Participate in a live webinar. Click on free webinars listed above.
  • Watch a recording of a future webinar, after the event: Register for the live webinar, and we will send you the link to that recording when it's available.
  • Watch a recording of a past webinar - see above.

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Regardless of whether you live in public or private housing, there are laws in place to protect you and it is important to know your rights.
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Urgent financial assistance to First Nations families affected by the collapse of funeral insurer, Youpla-ACBF is now available following the advocacy of 140 organisations, including RLC.
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