Resources & recordings: Financial abuse in intimate partner relationships

Money is a powerful tool that can be used to isolate and control. There may be no physical bruises, but the scars of financial abuse are clearly visible in a victim’s bank statement, credit report and eroded financial confidence. According to research by WIRE in 2014, among women who have sought help from domestic violence services, up to 90% have experienced financial abuse. 

In times of crisis there is evidence that family and domestic violence increases in frequency and severity. Some people may experience financial abuse for the first time and for others it may escalate. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easier for signs of financial abuse to be disguised as financial stress, unemployment and housing insecurity. Now more than ever, frontline community services are uniquely placed to identify people who have money problems due to their experience of financial abuse.

Over 2020 - 2022 RLC is presenting a series of updated webinars with substantial new content and case studies derived from RLC’s statewide Financial Abuse Service NSW and recent experiences in light of COVID-19.

The webinars are valuable to all community workers and volunteers in services such as financial counselling, domestic violence, women's refuges and community legal centres. Some examples relate to NSW, but most of the content is applicable Australia-wide. Note: The webinars do not focus on elder abuse.


Webinar video recordings

Powerpoint files and links: Download the Powerpoint files for these webinars at the bottom of this page. All links referred to in webinars, plus further resources, are listed near the bottom of this page.


Webinar July 2020: Identifying financial abuse in intimate partner relationships, and supporting victim survivors

Using insights from RLC’s Financial Abuse Service NSW, you will learn how to identify financial abuse and how to safely support victim survivors to deal with relationship debts, including when specialist legal advice is necessary and where to find it.


Webinar September 2020: Resolving Financial Abuse Legal Issues

In this webinar, we share tips for investigating and resolving cases of financial abuse, gained through our experience running the Financial Abuse Service NSW. You will gain an understanding of the laws and policies that can be used to resolve credit, debt and consumer law problems that stem from financial abuse in intimate partner relationships, as well as practical strategies for negotiating with stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for victim survivors.


Webinar July 2021: Resolving Financial Abuse Issues: Two Roads Diverged

Resolving financial abuse issues often involves finding creative strategies across different areas of law. In response to high levels of unmet need identified in its first 18 months of operation, RLC’s Financial Abuse Service NSW has expanded to offer advice about family law financial matters, such as property settlement, spousal maintenance and child support, in addition to advice about credit, debt and consumer issues. Panellists:

  • Maria Monastiriotis, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Financial Abuse Service NSW at Redfern Legal Centre
  • Jasmine Opdam, Credit, Debt & Consumer Lawyer, Financial Abuse Service NSW at Redfern Legal Centre


Webinar August 2021: Resolving Financial Abuse Issues: Telecommunications

Financial abuse issues are commonly identified in connection with telco services. Resolving practical issues around handsets, ongoing access to services and privacy are important to help remove barriers for victim survivors to leave abusive relationships. This webinar will cover practical strategies to negotiate with telco services. There are now a broad range of support options provided for in family and domestic violence policies – but accessing them can sometimes prove challenging.


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