News & Events

Factsheets: family law and separation
2 June 2021 RLC's Financial Abuse Service NSW has produced a series of factsheets on family law for people separating from their partner or spouse.
Factsheet: Renting in NSW – Tips for International Students
12 May 2021 This factsheet provides information for international students looking to rent a house or unit in NSW.
RLC supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart
26 April 2021 Redfern Legal Centre supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart as an important step forward for all Australians. It is time to embed a First Nations Voice in Australia’s Parliament. This is a priority, and we must progress without delay.
Fined Out: Practical guide for people having problems with fines
12 April 2021 Legal Aid NSW has published an updated version of its 'Fined Out' booklet, produced in collaboration with Inner City Legal Centre and Redfern Legal Centre.
Respect at Work: Government responds to national inquiry into workplace sexual harassment
8 April 2021 This month, the government announced it would adopt "wholly, in part, or in principle," the 55 recommendations set out in the Human Right Commission Respect@Work report investigating sexual harassment at work.
Looking for share accomodation? Check out RLC's Share Housing Survival Guide
14 March 2021 With uni back in session for another year, it's a busy time for students looking for accommodation.
International Students: Say G'Day to My Legal Mate!
9 March 2021 A free interactive Lord Mayor's Welcome Event for international students in NSW, presented by Redfern Legal Centre.
Pedal Power: Cycling and the law in NSW
5 March 2021 RLC's legal information website for cyclists has been newly updated to help you to ride safely in NSW!
RLC Factsheets: Accessing information from NSW Police via GIPA
5 February 2021 This factsheet series explains your right to access information from NSW Police, the application process, documents you can seek, time limits and appeals.
ANROWS National Research Conference 2021
3 February 2021 Registrations are now open for the ANROWS National Research Conference on Violence against Women and their Children.