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RLC in the Media: Damaging cost of consumer leases like Radio Rentals
31 March 2017 By Tony Ibrahim. Published by CHOICE on 27 March 2017.  RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi talks to Tony Ibrahim from CHOICE about the pitfalls of consumer lease arrangements and payday loans.
RLC in the Media: What to do after storm damage, and dealing with insurance companies and landlords
28 March 2017 RLC's Melanie Bradfield spoke to SBS's 'The Feed' about what to do if your own home’s been damaged or flooded, whether you’re a tenant or a home owner.
RLC's Green Room is open for learning!
17 March 2017 In March, we officially launched our brand new education hub at Redfern Legal Centre with a series of new weekly student clinics.
RLC in the Media: Redfern Legal Centre Celebrates 40 years
1 March 2017 One of NSW's pioneering providers of community-based law is marking its 40th birthday with a fundraising push to further diversify its revenue streams and ensure it can continue to provide key services.
RLC in the Media: Tanya Plibersek, Mark Dreyfus & RLC's Linda Tucker speak at PIAC
24 February 2017 RLC's Linda Tucker, Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek held a press conference about proposed funding cuts to community legal centres (CLCs) at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre today.
RLC in the Media: RLC speaks to ThePIE about international student exploitation
15 February 2017 RLC's international student solicitor Sean Stimson spoke to ThePIE about his work, assisting almost 250,000 international students across NSW with a wide range of legal issues, from tenancy to employment.
RLC in the Media: 'Fines Clinic' - A Current Affair
2 February 2017 RLC's Will Dwyer spoke to Channel Nine's A Current Affair about a new program that allows vulnerable people to undertake community service to "work off" government issued fines.
RLC in the Media: City tenants feel the strain as rent eats up the average income
19 January 2017 Redfern Legal Centre’s (RLC) acting tenancy service co-ordinator Tom McDonald spoke to The Daily Telegraph about growing financial pressures Sydney tenants face as rental prices continue to soar.
RLC in the Media: 'Business models' exploit international students
10 January 2017 International students living in Sydney are increasingly being targeted by employers who are taking advantage of their ignorance of workers rights. RLC's international student solicitor Sean Stimson spoke to the Inner West Courier.
Top Tips for International Students: Transferring between educational providers
13 September 2016 International students seeking to transfer between education providers can find this a complicated and legally cumbersome process.