News & Events

Reform needed to protect older Australians
10 June 2016 RLC welcomes the Willing to Work report from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), which again seeks to strengthen the accessibility and impact of anti-discrimination laws.
RLC on SBS Online
9 June 2016 SBS speaks to Tenants' Advocate about how RLC can assist renters with issues relating to damage caused by Sydney's wild storms.
RLC on ABC RN Background Briefing
6 June 2016 Anne Arnold investigates the exploitation of international students in the Australian workplace.
Shelter NSW - 2016 Federal Election Forum
28 May 2016 In this Federal Election, for the first time, housing will matter - if you live in Sydney and care about housing come to Shelter's housing election forum.  
RLC on ABC PM with Mark Colvin
13 May 2016 RLC solicitor Linda Tucker weighs in on the Government's proposed $200 a week internship scheme, declared 'illegal' by the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
Positions available in our Domestic Violence Service
12 May 2016 Redfern Legal Centre has three exciting positions available within its Sydney Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service.
NSW first hospital based Aboriginal Health-Justice Partnership takes justice to those for whom it is out of reach
7 April 2016 RLC and Sydney Local Health District's Aboriginal Health Justice Partnership provides legal services to Indigenous patients based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
International student workers owed thousands in underpayments
7 April 2016 Following the 7-Eleven employment scandal and subsequent assurances from the Federal Government offered to employees who may have breached their visa conditions, numbers of complainants rose from the low hundreds to just over two thousand.
Fighting racial vilification: less talk, more action?
7 April 2016 There have been no prosecutions in the 26 years since the provisions creating a criminal offence for serious racial vilification became part of the NSW Anti Discrimination Act (ADA). In other words, these provisions have never been used.
The structure of our discrimination laws do not facilitate equal opportunity in employment
7 April 2016 The reactive remedies to discrimination in Australia, which require individuals to take up complaints rather than imposing a positive duty on respondents, continue to undermine the positive intentions of anti-discrimination laws.