Family Law Factsheet No. 1: Property Settlement

This factsheet looks at how property is divided when a person separates from their partner or spouse.

You can seek a property settlement if you are separated from your spouse or de facto partner. If you were in a de facto relationship you can seek a property settlement if you have been living together for two years or more.

If your de facto relationship was less than two years, and you have a child of the relationship, or you have made a significant financial contribution to an asset, you can also seek a property settlement.

This factsheet answers questions including:

  • What do the family courts consider when dividing property?
  • How do I formalise an agreement with my partner or spouse?
  • Is there a time limit for seeking a property settlement?
  • Can I ask the court to order my spouse or partner to pay a debt?

And more...

Published on 1 June 2021.


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