Money problems, fines and consumer complaints

Legal information and services that can help you with credit and debt issues.

Common credit and debt issues

Anyone can experience problems with money, whether it be a mortgage, bank loans, credit cards or just juggling all your bills. Often, the circumstances that lead to financial difficulties are beyond your control. Many financial issues can have a legal solution. 

Redfern Legal Centre provides free and confidential legal advice about money problems and consumer complaints, including fines, bills or debts that you cannot afford to pay. 

We can help you with issues including: 

  • Owing money
  • Being owed money
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit cards and loans
  • Problems with bills
  • Difficulty paying a fine
  • Faulty goods or failure to provide services
  • Problems with insurance and superannuation
  • Damage to motor vehicles

We can only advise individuals and not businesses.

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Our services that can help

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Free and confidential legal advice for people across NSW about police powers.
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Free, confidential legal advice for people across NSW experiencing financial abuse by an intimate partner or ex-partner.

Other services that can help

How to contact us

To request free legal advice about money problems or consumer complaints:

complete our online form call 02 9698 7277

If we are able to advise you, we will arrange for a solicitor to call you back. If we are not able to assist you we may refer you to other services and resources, including those listed below. Learn more about accessing our services.

How we can help: Kim's story

Kim*, a young single mother who had four children and was receiving a Disability Support Pension, was made homeless after escaping a relationship of domestic violence.

After reading online advertising promoting car finance to pensioners, she visited a car dealership to enquire about a cheap secondhand car. Although Kim was not planning on purchasing a car on that day, the salesperson took advantage of her vulnerable situation, organising a car loan for over $20,000.

It was only after Kim came to RLC for help that she was made aware that her loan included a number of add-on insurance products she had not requested, and additional charges equivalent to 75% of the purchase price of the vehicle.

RLC submitted a complaint to the lender on Kim’s behalf and negotiated a significant waiver of the remaining balance of the loan, while also enabling Kim to retain full ownership of the vehicle.

* Name has been changed

Thank you very much for the help and time you have spent on my case. If you have not helped me for [bank] matter I will be paying my loan til 20 years. You guys are very kind.

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Urgent financial assistance to First Nations families affected by the collapse of funeral insurer, Youpla-ACBF is now available following the advocacy of 140 organisations, including RLC.
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