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RLC loses its International Student Solicitor
28 September 2015 Redfern Legal Centre faced a significant funding shortfall for the 2015 financial year which saw the launch of the #SaveRLC fundraising effort to save our services. 
Update on Millers Point, Dawes Point, Rocks sell off
28 September 2015 In early 2014, the NSW Government announced plans to sell off its public housing stock in Millers Point, Dawes Point and the Rocks, and relocate those tenants out of the area.
New Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme for NSW
27 September 2015 The NSW Government has proposed a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) which will enable people to find out whether their partner has a history of domestic violence offending.
Inquiry into access for students with a disability in education
27 September 2015 The government has established an inquiry into the education system, in response to long-standing accessibility problems for students with disabilities.
Government crackdown on discrimination against Indigenous tenants
27 September 2015 The NSW Government is joining forces with the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW to combat racism in the rental market.
Being a contractor brings independence but what about when things go wrong…
26 September 2015 Being an independent contractor has lots of benefits – you run your own show and keep your own hours. But what legal recourse is available to contractors when things go awry?
We need to talk about financial abuse
26 September 2015 As the discourse around domestic violence grows, financial abuse remains a relatively unacknowledged aspect of domestic violence. However, it represents a significant barrier to women trying to leave abusive or controlling relationships.
Debate over RDA and section 18C continues
26 September 2015 Section 18C of the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is among the laws highlighted as having potential to interfere with Australians’ civil liberties in a recent Australian Law Reform Commission report.
Online abuse pervasive, yet hard to prosecute
25 September 2015 Cases involving online and technology facilitated abuse often do not reach courts in New South Wales. 
Law reform to target rent-to-buy companies
24 September 2015 Rent-to-buy companies are making millions profiting from the most vulnerable members of the community.