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RLC calls for urgent update to NSW Police Force’s Safe Driving Policy
16 December 2015 16 December 2015 It has been five years since the NSW Police Force was tasked with improving the safety of police, drivers, passengers and innocent bystanders with a policy review of its Safe Driving Policy. NSW is still waiting for its release.
The role of informed legal practice in preventing domestic violence homicides
16 December 2015 16 December 2015 In November 2014, Susan Smith, RLC’s Coordinator of Sydney WDVCAS, was appointed to the newly reformed Domestic Violence Death Review Team at the NSW Coroner’s Court.
Waverley Safer Pathway launch site: fourteen months and 3,200 referrals
16 December 2015 16 December 2015 The Waverley Local Coordination Point has now been operating for fourteen months. Our service has received more than 3,200 referrals in the Waverley area from Police.
Requesting flexible work arrangements? Your employer may not deliver
14 December 2015 14 December 2015 The inclusion of a right to request flexible work arrangements for employees with carers’ responsibilities was greeted enthusiastically when it came into effect in mid-2013.
What international students should know about employment rights this Christmas
14 December 2015 14 December 2015 International students are at a higher risk of being treated unfairly at work when compared with domestic students.
Review of the Residential Tenancies Act
11 December 2015 11 December 2015 The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) is up for its 5 year review and there is currently a discussion paper by Fair Trading NSW which calls for submissions by 29 January 2016.
NSW Government to restructure police oversight
30 November 2015 The NSW Government has released the Tink Review of Police Oversight, which recommended a series of structural changes to police oversight in NSW.
Redfern Legal Centre’s International Student Service saved
11 November 2015 11 November 2015 Redfern Legal Centre's statewide International Students' Service has been saved, after facing closure in September.
Safer Pathway Training for Community Workers
14 October 2015 Safer Pathway is changing the way we prevent domestic violence in NSW – don’t miss our first webinar on the reforms on November 12. 
Update on Millers Point, Dawes Point, Rocks sell off
28 September 2015 In early 2014, the NSW Government announced plans to sell off its public housing stock in Millers Point, Dawes Point and the Rocks, and relocate those tenants out of the area.