Fines and penalty notices 2: Instalments, Waivers & WDOs

Helping vulnerable clients manage unpaid fines.

Fines and penalty notices 2: Instalments, Waivers & WDOs

Online webinar
  • 27 November 2019
  • 10am


Video recording will be available for registrants and subscribers - more on Annual subscriptions

This is the second of two webinars on fines.*

This webinar will explore the options available to help vulnerable clients manage unpaid fines through time to pay instalments, getting fines written off and Work and Development Orders.

This workshop will be valuable to all community workers and volunteers who assist people who have fines in NSW, including financial counsellors and student advocates.

Presenter: David Hofierka, Solicitor, Redfern Legal Centre.

Enquiries: Nick Manning on (02) 8037 8001 (Tuesdays to Fridays) or email


* The first instalment in the Fines series is on 17 October 2019: Fines and penalty notices 1: Challenging the fine. If you would like to view the recording of that webinar, please register for it or contact RLC. The recording is available free of charge to all staff of all subscriber agencies, and will be made available to other people for the webinar fee of $80.


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