Resources: Fines and Penalty Notices in NSW


Webinar: Traffic, parking & COVID-19 fines: What are your payment & review options?

Presented July 2020 - watch one hour video on facebook, free of charge.

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TRAINING: Fines and Penalty Notices 1 & 2
The resources below complement our community worker training on this topic.
Next training dates: TBA in 2022
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Where does this information apply? The information below only applies to NSW (Australia). Check each publication for its publication date.


Revenue NSW /SDRO

Revenue NSW was previously called State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO). Occasionally in resource material the name State Debt Recovery or SDRO may still be used.


Fines: fact sheets and guides


Information for advocates


Internal Review


Challenging penalty in Court



Application for annulment of enforced fine:

Application to the Local Court for annulment


Work and Development Orders


Legal advice


Other files

RLC Powerpoint presentations are below.

RLC's Powerpoint presentation for webinar #1
RLC's Powerpoint presentation for webinar #2