Police Complaints

What is this service?

RLC's policing practice provides free information and advice across NSW in matters involving complaints about the NSW Police Force.

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RLC's policing practice operates the only specialised police complaints advice service in NSW. We provide limited representation in formal complaints about the NSW Police Force and the NSW Ombudsman. We also act in civil litigation against the state of NSW for false imprisonment, assault and battery and malicious prosecution.

Common police complaint issues

  • Stop & searches
  • Move-on directions
  • Strip searches
  • Bail applications
  • Unnecessary arrests
  • Malicious prosecutions
  • Unnecessary force
  • Tasering

How to access this service

Call us on 02 9698 7277. Police Complaints matters are booked in for Monday evening appointments.

Catchment and Eligibility

This service is available to people in NSW.

More information

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (02 9321 6700​) has two primary functions: detecting and investigating misconduct and corruption by police, and overseeing complaints handling by the NSW Police Force. 

NSW Police GIPA Information Access Unit (02 9689 7122) administers decision making relating to applications for information held by police under the Government Information (Public Access) Act. Forms are available from the NSW Police website

Commonwealth Ombudsman (1300 362 072​) accepts complaints about Centrelink, Australia Post, issues relating to Commonwealth FOI requests, Federal Police, Immigration and the ATO.