International Students

What is this service?

The International Student Legal Service NSW gives free, confidential legal advice to international students living in New South Wales.

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Redfern Legal Centre's International Student Legal Service is independent of government. Funding is provided by Study NSW, a unit of the NSW Government set up to support international students across the state. Funding is also provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman, and in-kind support is provided by City of Sydney.

International students in NSW can get advice about housing problems, fines, debts, car accidents, employment, discrimination, family law, domestic violence, and complaints about colleges or universities. We can also advise how these problems affect student visas. 

How to access this service

Please fill in this form and we will contact you or phone 02 9698 7645.

RLC advises students living anywhere in NSW.

You can also request access to My Legal Mate, a free legal resource for international students studying in NSW.

Safe, confidential, free: learn more about this service

My Legal Mate: legal help for international students in 7 languages.  Free access.

Other useful contacts

Anti-Discrimination NSW

Information about services provided by Anti-Discrimination NSW is available in different languages here.

Anti-Discrimination NSW has translated a downloadable version of its complaint form available in multiple community languages here.

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