Financial Abuse Panel sows seeds for change

On 6 March, RLC held a panel discussion on financial abuse – a fundraiser presented by RLC’s Young Professionals Committee.

The panel, held at King & Wood Mallesons, instigated important discussions about a widespread but often overlooked form of domestic abuse.

Panellists explored both the social and psychological impact financial abuse can have on those who experience it, as well as the significant barrier it can create for those trying to leave an abusive relationship.

The session was facilitated by RLC CEO Jo Shulman. Panelists who spoke on the night were:

  • Rachael Natoli, a domestic abuse survivor who has overcome financial abuse and is now the CEO of her own foundation that tackles this issue.
  • Interstate academic Jozica Kutin, who is currently completing a PhD investigating financial abuse in young adult relationships at RMIT University.
  • Vanessa Emery who is a financial counsellor with extensive experience helping clients who have been victims of financial abuse. Vanessa is also on the Board of Directors of the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW.
  • Laura Bianchi: Redfern Legal Centre’s credit, debt and consumer law solicitor who will be heading up our new state-wide financial abuse practice.

The event proudly supported Lokahi Foundation Australia, with 35% of ticket sales going towards their efforts to assist women affected by financial abuse and other forms of domestic abuse. This includes upcoming financial literacy training workshops, to be delivered in partnership with RLC.

RLC will be launching a new state-wide financial abuse service later this year, in an effort to reach more people experiencing this under-reported form of domestic abuse.

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