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We provide free legal advice about problems at work, including unfair dismissal, underpayment, and discrimination & bullying.

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Many people experience legal problems at work. Our solicitors can give you free and confidential legal advice about employment law issues including:

  • Being underpaid
  • Recovering unpaid wages 
  • Being fired
  • Your rights at work
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace

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We provide employment law advice to employees anywhere in NSW.  An income threshold applies. Learn more about accessing our services. If we are unable to advise you, we may refer you to other resources or services closer to you.


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LEGAL ENQUIRY form call 02 9698 7277

If you need to use an interpreter, call us using the free Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450.


If we are able to advise you, we will arrange for a solicitor to call you back. If we are not able to assist you we may refer you to other services and resources, including those listed below.

How we can help: John’s story

John* is an Aboriginal man who lives in Redfern. He worked full-time as an editor in a large company.

During his employment, John suffered ongoing racial discrimination from his colleagues, who would tell John that famous Aboriginal Australians on television were “too pale” and other racial slurs. John reported this discrimination to his manager and HR but no disciplinary action was taken.  

John became increasingly upset by these comments and the lack of support from his employer. After working for his employer for ten years, John was made redundant and didn’t know what to do about his situation.  

RLC assisted John to lodge a complaint of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race at the Australian Human Rights Commission. John received $40,000 in damages and compensation for racial discrimination and his employer’s vicarious liability as they failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent the discrimination from occurring. 

*Name and identifying details have been changed.

Thank you so much for helping [resolve the] unfair dismissal. What you guys do for the community is incredibly valuable.

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