Employment Rights Legal Service

What is this service?

Free legal help for migrants and vulnerable workers in NSW.

A collaborative partnership between Kingsford Legal Centre, Inner City Legal Centre and Redfern Legal Centre

Have you been underpaid? Are you being unfairly treated by your boss? Do you want to know more about your rights at work?

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Fill in our online enquiry form or phone 02 8004 3270 to book advice with one of our solicitors.

Employment Rights Legal Service (ERLS) provides free and confidential legal help to migrants and other vulnerable workers across NSW. This free statewide service is a partnership between Kingsford Legal Centre, Inner City Legal Centre and Redfern Legal Centre.

We can help you with problems including:

  • Not being paid the right amount
  • Losing your job unfairly
  • Being bullied by your boss
  • Being sexually harassed
  • Being discriminated against

Need a free telephone interpreter?

Call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450, and ask them to call us on 02 8004 3270.


Wage theft: know your rights

We often hear from workers who are being exploited by employers who do not pay correctly or deny other workplace entitlements.

If you are: 

  • not being paid properly (less than $20.33/hour)
  • not being paid at all
  • not being paid for working late at night or on weekends (penalty rates)
  • not being paid for entitlements such as annual leave, sick leave, long service leave or redundancy pay

You are most likely a victim of wage theft, and you have the legal right to recover what you are owed. We can help you.

Call to end the exploitation of migrant workers

A coalition of concerned community legal centres and civil society organisations have called on governments to make pre-election commitments to end the exploitation of migrant workers.
Read the open letter


Watch these short videos to learn more about wage theft:

Record My Hours app

FWO's Record My Hours app makes it quick and easy for employees to record and store the hours they work, plus other information about their employment.

Don’t want to take legal action right now?

It is important to remember that you have six years to bring your unpaid wages claim from the date you were underpaid. If you would like to discuss your case with ERLS, call us on 02 8004 3270. Anything you tell us will be kept confidential. 

Contact ERLS

Legal enquiries:  Online enquiry form or 02 8004 3270
Email: coordinator@erls.org.au

Employment Rights Legal Service is funded by the NSW Government, through the Community Legal Centres Program.