Financial Abuse Legal Service

What is this service?

RLC’s Financial Abuse Legal Service provides free, confidential legal information and advice to people across NSW who have money problems due to domestic abuse in an intimate partner relationship.

Money is a powerful tool that can be used to isolate and control. Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence. It can happen to anyone, regardless of their financial ability or knowledge. You are not to blame.

This service assists people in intimate partner relationships who have experienced financial abuse. 

Issues we help with include:

  • Owing money that you cannot pay back
  • Coercion to sign documents, take out loans or make false declarations
  • Identity theft to secure credit 
  • Joint debts/guarantees
  • Credit cards, personal loans and mortgages
  • Utility bills, such as electricity, gas, phone and internet
  • Insurance claims
  • Credit reporting
  • Bankruptcy

If we can’t help solve your legal or non-legal problem, we can connect you to someone who can.

How to contact us

Call us to make an appointment on 0481 730 344. You can ask for a free telephone interpreter if you need one.

Contact us using our confidential online form (see below)

Appointments can be face to face, by telephone or Skype. We welcome referrals.