Sexual harassment at work: Claire's story

Claire is an international student at an Australian university. After arriving to begin her studies, Claire started working as a waitress to assist with the cost of studying. 

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On her first shift, Claire’s boss brushed past her and touched her breasts and buttocks. His behaviour became bolder, and by her third shift, he openly touched her multiple time on the breasts and buttocks. 

Claire witnessed him behave similarly with other female staff members. This boss offered to pay her money if she would perform sexual acts on him. He showed Claire a room at the back of the restaurant where he took female staff members to perform his requests.

Claire refused all of her manager’s advances, but this did not stop her manager’s behaviour.  Claire needed her wage and so tolerated this behaviour for some time, but she became increasingly scared for her safety and eventually resigned from the restaurant.

RLC regularly assists international students who face serious exploitation at work but don’t take legal action due to the risk of visa cancellation. For free and confidential legal help, contact Redfern Legal Centre on 9698 7277. 

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