Melbourne University Research Study: Do Australian Laws Help People with Debt Problems?

A Melbourne University researcher is seeking participants for a study examining the use and impact of some of the options available to people experiencing consumer debt problems in Australia.

Who can get involved?

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you have had problems with consumer debt and have:

  • Received financial difficulty assistance or a change to a contract from a consumer debt provider at least 6 months ago; or
  • Become bankrupt or entered a debt agreement at least 12 months ago.

How do I get involved?

Please click on the relevant link and complete the online survey (through the Qualtrics platform).

Financial Difficulty Assistance


Debt Agreement

This survey should take 20-25 minutes. You do not need to provide your name of contact details if you do not wish. The research has been approved by Melbourne University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (Ethics ID 1851074.5). 

Any Questions?

This is a research study conducted by Nicola Howell, a PhD researcher at Melbourne University. You can contact Nicola if you have any questions or concerns at

Further information on the study can be found here: