Consolidation of Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

RLC has been active in the project to consolidate federal anti-discrimination laws in Australia.

Unfortunately in March 2013, the Federal Government announced that it will not proceed with the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill, despite recommendations from the Senate enquiry held in January 2013.

RLC is extremely disappointed by this decision and urges the Federal Government to reconsider the Bill.

Submission: In response to the Consolidation of Anti-Discrimination Laws Discussion Paper

In February 2012, RLC made a submission with the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) in response to the Attorney-General Department's Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws Discussion Paper.

The submission made recommendations in relation to each of the 30 questions posed in the Discussion Paper, and provided recommendations on issues that were not mentioned in the Discussion Paper but which NACLC considered to be important in the context of the consolidation project.

NACLC welcomed the Government's decision to consolidate Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws. The process represents a significant opportunity to modernise, improve and simplify the anti-discrimination regime and to address gaps in the current system. Our submission stated that Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws need to be enhanced to encompass Australia's international human rights obligations into domestic law and promote substantive equality.