Breaking News: Waterloo redevelopment announced

21 December 2015

Following the decision to build a new train station at Waterloo, rather than at the University of Sydney, the NSW Government have announced plans to redevelop a large area of the local social housing.

The redevelopment, which will be staged over 15–20 years, will see the relocation of residents beginning mid-2017.
In a media release on 16 December 2015, Minister for Social Housing Brad Hazzard promised to boost the numbers of social housing residencies above the current 2000 homes, however 70% of the promised 10,000 new homes will be private, greatly increasing the density of housing in an already high-density area.

The NSW Government also announced that community housing providers will play a significant role in the new estate. Redfern Legal Centre have voiced concerns in the past about the trend to move public housing to community housing and the reduction in rights that ensue with this, including rights to freedom of information and review of government decision making. 

After witnessing and assisting tenants in other relocations such as at Millers Point, Redfern Legal Centre echoes the concerns raised by local community organisations such as Counterpoint Community Services. These include the lack of consultation with public housing tenants about the new plans and the concern that often final plans do not match assurances given at the outset. 

We hope the current and any future government honour commitments that there will be no reduction in social housing, all current tenants will be given the opportunity to return to the area and that the relocations will be done in a calm and considered way.