Anglicare's Rental Affordability Snapshot highlights affordable housing crisis

Anglicare's tenth Rental Affordability Snapshot paints a dire picture for people on low incomes, reflecting a chronic shortage of affordable housing. 

Out of over 69,000 private rental listings surveyed, only two properties across the entire country were affordable for people on Youth Allowance or Newstart. 

The report shows a housing system that is failing millions of Australians. Executive Director Kasy Chambers told Domain it’s the worst it’s been.

“There’s absolutely nowhere to go. We see a lot of people in our emergency relief centre where they can get a meal and some assistance on budgeting. But there’s nothing we can teach them about budgeting. They’re absolute experts.”

An affordable property is calculated as no more than 30 per cent of the household budget spent on rent, but Ms Chambers often sees people who spend 80 per cent of their income on rent, often forcing them to forgo food, medication, and transport to make ends meet.

With over 115,000 people now homeless, this report shows that the housing affordability crisis has reached breaking point. Ms Chambers says we desperately need to increase the amount of social housing. 

“We are looking at flipping from a country where most people were doing comfortable to a country where people are worried about becoming homeless. It’s not an equity issue but a fundamental issue of what kind of society we want to be,” Ms Chambers said.

Anglicare Australia is calling on Federal and state governments to invest in social and affordable housing for people on the lowest incomes.

Download the snapshot here: