Factsheet No. 9: Penalty Notices – Your Review Rights and Payment Options

There are two types of fines: penalty notices and court fines. This fact sheet is to help you understand what to do if you have received a penalty notice.

Penalty notices are issued by an authorised officer such as a parking inspector, ranger or transit officer. If you have received a court fine, please see Factsheet No.10.

Tip 1: Deal with fines promptly.

Tip 2: If you don’t pay a fine, the fine amount will be increased and your licence could be suspended.

Tip 3: Your options for appealing a fine reduce as the fine becomes more overdue.

If you have received a penalty notice, you have the following options for dealing with the fine:

  • pay the fine in full or make arrangement to pay by instalments
  • seek an internal review via Revenue NSW
  • appeal the fine to court
  • apply for a Work and Development Order (WDO)
  • apply for a 50% reduction of the fine
  • seek a write-off.

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