RLC in the Media: Sydney’s dark history of gay-hate crime

A new NSW Police review sheds light on the prevalence of gay-hate crimes around Sydney in the last 30 years.

Sarah McLenaghan reports for CIty Hub.

The investigation carried out by Strike Force Parrabell revealed that of 88 suspicious deaths occurring in the LGBTIQ community between 1976 and 2000, 27 were motivated by gay-hate bias. These gay men were often attacked at ‘beats’ in public parks, beaches and toilets.

Of the 88 cases reviewed, 63 were declared solved, 23 remain unsolved and 2 were not reviewed.

Samantha Lee, head of the Police Accountability Practice at RLC, welcomed the NSW Police report but said that its findings could have gone further in terms of recommendations to strengthen current policing practices.

“RLC has long held concerns around that lack of independent oversight when allegations of police misconduct are investigated,” Ms Lee said.

The report made twelve recommendations for future policing, community engagement, training and development of bias crime indicators and processes, but Ms Lee said there is still a long way to go before the systemic issue of gay hate in Sydney is resolved.

“The “Bash a gay today” graffiti which appeared on a wall in Alexandria just days ago, clearly demonstrates that homophobic violence persists, and is an issue which needs constant vigilance."

Read the full article here. (Sarah McLenaghan, City Hub, 9 October 2018)