RLC in the Media: Sharp increase in police pursuits raises questions over tactics

Police pursuits in NSW have spiked by more than 37 per cent since 2014, an analysis of NSW Police data has shown. 

In response to these increasing figures, and following the recent charging of a police officer after a crash left a Sydney woman in a coma, RLC is calling on NSW Police to release their pursuit policy "to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place". 

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, RLC's police powers solicitor Sam Lee said:

“Police pursuits are no doubt a difficult and challenging situation, requiring police to weigh up the risk to the public and the need to investigate and prosecute crime. A sound police pursuit policy is needed to assist police to navigate these complex and often highly charged and stressful situations."

"A robust policy for police would not only support quick and accurate decision making but will contribute to greater public safety by helping to prevent horrific collisions."

RLC is currently preparing a detailed report on police pursuits, to be released in late October.

Read the full article here(Josh Dye, The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 September 2018)