RLC in the Media: NSW Police policy found to destructively target Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth

A new report has found that the Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP), a NSW police policy that aims to predict and prevent future crime, is instead causing harm and targeting Aboriginal people and those under the age of 25.

Laura Morelli​ reports for NITV, 27 October 2017.

Author and principal investigator of the report, Dr Vicki Sentas (Senior Lecturer in Law at UNSW and convenor of the RLC Police Clinic), said that by targeting Aboriginal young people and others under the age of 25, the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP) is undermining the aims of the NSW youth justice system. There's also no clear evidence that it prevents crime.

“Young people are experiencing patterns of oppressive policing that are harmful to them, their families, the community and are particularly harmful in criminalising already over-policed Aboriginal young people,” Dr Sentas said.

Read the full NITV article 

Download the Youth Justice Coalition report: Policing Young People in NSW A study of the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (Lead authors: Vicki Sentas and Camilla Pandolfini)