RLC in the Media: Music festival inquest hears woman was told strip search would be 'nice and slow'

A young music fan "humiliated" during a strip search at a music festival has told an inquest a police officer threatened to make the process "nice and slow" unless she confessed to drug use.

The young woman, whose identity was suppressed, was giving evidence as part of the NSW coroner's investigation into six drug-related festival deaths over the summers of 2017 and 2018.

She attended the same festival as 18-year-old Nathan Tran, who died at the Knockout Circuz event in 2017.

On Thursday, she told the NSW Coroners Court heavy security at music festivals made her feel "like a criminal".

"She said 'if you don't tell me where the drugs are I'm going to make this nice and slow'," the witness told the court.

"She made me take my shorts off and my underwear.

"Then she made me squat and cough ... and then I had to turn around and squat and cough."

RLC police powers solicitor Samantha Lee said the idea an officer may have used the search as a scare tactic was "quite simply abhorrent".

Read the full article here (ABC News, 11 July 2019)