RLC in the Media More than 5,500 Australians ended up with police records despite doing nothing illegal

More than 5,500 people in New South Wales have found themselves with police records after being strip searched by police, despite nothing incriminating being found.

Redfern Legal Centre acquired data from 2018 to 2020 that showed thousands of people had their information recorded in a police database following a strip search.

But nothing illegal had actually been found from these searches, The Guardian reported.

Of the strip searches documented in the Computerised Operational Policing System, police did not uncover anything illegal in 61 per cent of cases.

'We now know that more than half the people needlessly subjected to this traumatic procedure are left with a permanent police record for no reason,' RLC police accountability solicitor, Samantha Lee said.

'Once a person's identity has been logged in the police system, it is there for life.

'The fact that this is frequently occurring in cases where no crime has been committed is not only unjust, it is a complete misuse of power.'

Read the full article here (Daily Mail UK, 23 April 2021)