RLC in the Media: Legal Services across NSW hold concerns over distressingly high rate of police strip searches

Redfern Legal Centre and other legal services across NSW hold grave concerns over the rapidly increasing rate of unnecessary police strip searches. 

Samantha Lee writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Redfern Legal Centre's police powers solicitor Sam Lee says that police strip searches are skyrocketing, and unsound policing practices are placing young people, adults and children in harm's way. 

"In matters seen by our service, and at other services, police are not following the law, nor are they affording people the dignity and privacy as required under legislation," Sam Lee said.

"We have seen people reduced to tears after being made to feel humiliated, overpowered and downright scared." 

Redfern Legal Centre convened a roundtable discussion last week to address concerns and encourage more sound policing practices across NSW.

Read the full article here (The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 February 2019)