RLC in the Media: Government banking changes ‘perpetuate abuse’, domestic violence groups fear

Advocates fear the federal government plan to wind back responsible lending laws will “perpetuate abuse” of domestic violence survivors, potentially locking them into poverty and even physical harm.

Matthew Elmas and Josh Butler report for The New Daily 

The plan to dismantle the laws on credit contracts worth over $2000 will slash safeguards that protect those in abusive relationships from being coerced into debt, according to family violence advocates.

“Economic abuse is one of the most significant barriers to leaving a domestic violence situation,” said Laura Bianchi, a solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre’s financial abuse service.

“What we see with the reforms is the real risk of making it easier for perpetrators to commit economic abuse, so maybe more people will be experiencing this, with significantly larger debts.”

Read the full article (The New Daily, 25 February 2021)