RLC in the Media: Festival-goers urged to know their rights after 'unlawful' strip searches

Several people who say they were unlawfully strip searched for drugs are considering legal action, as a new campaign is launched to prevent the procedure at music festivals this summer.

Avani Dias reports for The Hack on Triple J

Redfern Legal Centre’s police powers solicitor Sam Lee says a number of people have been traumatised by strip searches by police over the past couple of months.

"Worst of all, nothing has been found at the end of the search and we've found police have not followed correct procedure," lawyer at the centre's police accountability practice, Sam Lee said.

"In matters that we've had at Redfern Legal Centre, police have not followed the correct procedure.

"That's why we're calling for the law to be changed so there are better safeguards for the public but also better guidelines for police on how and when to conduct a strip search."

Read the full article here (Triple J’s The Hack, 20 December 2018)