RLC in the Media: Documents Reveal NSW Police Advised to Film Strip Searches Despite Privacy Concerns

It has been revealed today that New South Wales police have been advised to film strip searches.

The Music reports

As reported by The Guardian, documents have revealed that while an officer conducting a search should not film on their body-worn video camera during the search, the “support officer is to record the search using a [body-worn video] camera”.

It continues on to say the officer should “take particular care to ensure the person’s privacy is adequately protected” and that “a person’s privacy is not a sufficient reason to cease filming a strip search conducted in the lawful execution of an officer’s duty”.

The news comes just weeks after the NSW Coroner’s Court called for details from NSW Police regarding strip searches, including under what circumstances police are entitled to strip search patrons, during the New South Wales music festivals inquest.

Read the full article here (The Music, 2 August 2019)