RLC in the Media: Consent app - Fuller's worst idea all year?

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller’s proposal for an app that records consent has been widely criticised, including by those working with survivors of sexual assault.

Isaac Nellist reports for Green Left

The app, which Fuller speculated on March 18 could be used in a similar way to the Service NSW COVID-19 app, would record consent of individuals prior to having sex. 

Lawyers and legal experts said that if the consent app was used as evidence in a trial it would only be used to discredit victims.

Critics also said that an app would also fail to capture the nuance of consent, which is time bound in nature, and can be withdrawn at any time.   

Fuller has since said the app idea may be flawed, even admitting it might be “the worst idea [he’s] had all year."

Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) wants police to reveal its operating procedures on how alleged sexual assault is investigated. 

RLC police accountability solicitor Samantha Lee said that the release of these guidelines is critical because “the journey through the justice system begins with the police … What happens at the beginning of that journey can greatly impact where that journey leads.”

Read the full article (Green Left, March 27 2021)