RLC in the Media: ABC 'Australia Wide' profiles RLC Funding Crisis

'One of the nation's busiest community legal centres is on the verge of cutting half its staff.'

May 2015 - ABC News 24

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ABC Australia Wide's profile on the funding challenges currently facing Redfern Legal Centre. RLC is facing a significant funding shortfall, leaving a number of our services at risk of closure. The cuts to our services could force us to turn away up to 500 vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the next year alone.

Australia Wide interviewed several of our clients, including Joseph Cassar, whose employer had underpaid him thousands of dollars over two years; Fetina Lotoaniu, a single-mother, who became caught up in an unscrupulous debt-repayment trap; and Lucy Doherty, whose son faced autism discrimination in a bid to attend after-school care.