RLC in the Media: “Had a bad day”: Officer who kicked teenager to the ground finally charged

It’s been a year since a police officer went viral for kicking an Indigenous teenager to the ground during an arrest in Surry Hills.

Today, he was charged with allegedly assaulting the individual. The constable was issued with a court attendance notice for the offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

The Big Smoke reports. 

In a statement, NSW Police said the officer’s employment was “under review”.

In June of 2020, the NSW police claimed that the officer “had a bad day”.

The incident, in which the officer kicked the 16-year-old’s feet from beneath him before dumping the boy to the ground, is now the subject of an internal police investigation, enacted to see if excessive force was applied. The teenager was later released without charge after treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital.

In discussion with the ABC, Redfern Legal Centre solicitor Samantha Lee said she found the video “excruciating”.

“Not only is this police conduct unacceptable, but it is downright dangerous,” Ms Lee said.

“This is a use of force in a scenario where force should not have been used.”

“Aboriginal young people, in particular, are disproportionately policed not only in NSW but across Australia,” Ms Lee said.

“... It's time that this particular type of police practice is put to an end.”

Read the full article here. (4 May 2021)