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Police Complaints

Webinar: How will a class action stop unlawful police strip searches in NSW?
10 September 2020

This webinar looks at the current problems with NSW strip search law, the reasons for the increase in...

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International Students

Factsheet: Visa information for international students in NSW
26 August 2020

This factsheet provides visa information for international students studying in NSW during COVID-19.

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EAW Comic #4: Leave Entitlements
15 May 2020

You can only take paid carers' leave in certain situations.

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Money Problems & Consumer Complaints

Factsheet No. 30: Alternate types of credit
12 January 2017

This factsheet looks at some of the main types of alternative forms of credit; what types of alternate...

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Government Complaints

Presentation: Government Information (Public Access) Act
17 March 2014

This presentation was delivered by David Porter at the February 2014 Quarterlies in NSW.