Submission: NSW Parliament inquiry into Reparations for the Stolen Generation

Redfern Legal Centre welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Reparations of the Stolen Generation.

RLC is of the view that there is urgent need for reparations for the stolen generations to occur and that the Bringing them Home Report is yet to be addressed.

RLC believes that it is therefore crucial for the Parliamentary Inquiry to take into account this report and submissions to the inquiry in a timely manner so that the purpose of the inquiry does not become a redundant process for those directly affected by the stolen generation.

RLC also advocates that the subsequent generations of the stolen generations and the affects that the actions of government has had on their lives is crucial and that reparation such as non-compensatory support should be considered.
RLC has assisted clients in relevant legal matters but we also acknowledge that as a community legal centre our service does not speak for all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.  We respect and acknowledge the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by the stolen generation being consulted throughout this Inquiry.

Read RLC's submission.