Submission: Inquiry into elder abuse in New South Wales

Redfern Legal Centre welcomes the opportunity to give input into Parliamentary Inquiry into Elder Abuse in NSW.

Through our Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Scheme, RLC’s domestic violence workers have seen older mothers suffer elder abuse from their adult children. Many are connected to services and supports already, but the supports are not tailored to address elder abuse.

RLC also regularly provides legal advice in relation to the financial abuse of older people. We suggest stronger safeguards are needed to protect older people from being pressured to take out loans that are inappropriate for them.

We also suggest raising more awareness of elder abuse and increasing access to legal advice for older people through the establishment of health justice partnerships.

In our submission we also discuss housing issues, such as forced relocation, that can make older people more vulnerable to elder abuse, isolation and loneliness. We make recommendations that aim to improve older people’s housing stability, including when then are experiencing elder abuse.

Read RLC's submission on the NSW Parliament website (no 65).