The Repair Kit: Getting FACS Housing to repair your home

The Repair Kit is a legal guide for people living in Public Housing in NSW.

The guide explains the operation of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and the role of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal in helping tenants to get repairs done in public housing properties.

The resource covers things like:

  • FACS Housing’s responsibility to repair your home
  • How to report a repair issue to FACS Housing
  • What are urgent repairs and what can you do to get them done?
  • Applying to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Rent Reduction and compensation claims
  • How to get a copy of your FACS Housing file
  • What to do if FACS Housing doesn’t follow NCAT repair orders
  • Information to keep your home healthy.

Every tenant in NSW has the right to live in a premises that is provided and maintained in a reasonable state of repair.

The Repair Kit is designed to support public housing residents to navigate the process of requesting repairs and modifications to their home, empowering tenants to advocate for themselves in getting home repairs done.