Factsheet: Youpla/Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF) Funeral Insurance

As of 11 March 2022, all Youpla Group (formerly ACBF Group Holdings Pty Ltd) Funeral Funds have gone broke.

This means that many people who hold funeral or insurance policies under these funds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities who have contributed to these funds, will not receive payment of any funeral or insurance benefits under their policies if a claim is made.

This also means if someone passes away, money will not be paid out to beneficiaries.

A liquidator has been appointed to the companies operating the following funeral funds:

  • Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (Fund No.1) – issued by the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund Pty Limited
  • Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund No 2 (Fund No.2) – issued by Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund No 2 Pty Ltd
  • Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan (Fund No.3) – issued by ACBF Funeral Plans Pty Ltd
  • Community Funeral Plans (Fund No. 4) – issued by Community Funeral Plans Pty Ltd

This factsheet explains what people who hold funeral benefits and insurance products need to do, and provides relevant contact information.

We understand these circumstances are distressing and difficult. You can also speak confidentially with RLC's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Access Worker, Maureen Randall on 0407 205 201 or email maureen@rlc.org.au.

See also: Youpla Group funeral benefit program announced (August 2022)

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