Factsheet No. 2: Police Complaints

This fact sheet answers some frequently asked questions about making a formal police complaint in NSW.

You have a right to complain about any interactions with a police officer, other employees of the NSW Police Force, or the NSW Police Force as an agency. Not all issues that you can complaint about will warrant a formal investigation.

This factsheet includes information on the following topics:

  • Common types of police complaints
  • What can I complain about?
  • Who can I complain to?
  • How do I lodge a complaint?
  • What should I write in my complaint?
  • What happens after I make a complaint?
  • I’m unhappy with the outcome of my complaint, what can I do?
  • Is there a time limit for making a complaint?
  • Are there consequences for making a complaint?
  • Do I have to make a formal complaint?

First published: August 2018
Last revised: September 2021