RLC in the Media: UTS中国留学生租房险被坑$1000:还好有它

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在异国他乡留学,如果遇到法律纠纷常常让人不知所措,很多学生认为只能选择“自认倒霉”。其实澳大利亚很多城市都设有免费的法律服务,向包括留学生在内的公众开放。这里介绍的是悉尼的Redfern 法律中心。

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A former senior official at the state’s police watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), has warned there are too many failings in a system that relies on police examining the actions of colleagues.
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RLC seeks an enthusiastic First Nations PLT student to volunteer 2 days per week to work with our First Nations Solicitor. The role can be a combination of remote and onsite work. Training and initial supervision will be provided in person.
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Redfern Legal Centre's Employment Rights Legal Service, as part of the Power to Prevent Coalition, calls on the Australian Government to adopt an Equal Access costs model for all discrimination matters.
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