Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence report finalised

RLC welcomes the finalisation of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence report.

The report follows an arduous 13-month inquiry that intended to investigate ways to lessen and ultimately prevent the future incidence of family violence.

The Royal Commission heard evidence from agencies involved in providing domestic violence services, including interviews with Redfern Legal Centre’s Sydney Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, and received submissions from 220 victims. The final report makes 227 recommendations, all of which Premier Daniel Andrews has said he will endeavour to implement.  

Some of the main recommendations are as follows:

  • The establishment of 17 ‘one-stop’ safety hubs across Victoria where victims of domestic violence can be provided with specialist information and referrals.
  • The introduction of legislation to allow information sharing between police, agencies and domestic violence services.  This legislation to be similar to the information sharing legislation implemented in NSW in 2014.
  • An emphasis to be placed on the perpetrator, rather than the victim, leaving the family home with victims offered rental or mortgage subsidies and electronic personal safety devices.
  • The provision of urgent and permanent housing solutions for women and children escaping domestic violence, in order that they not be stuck in crisis or short-term housing.
  • A focus on holding the abuser - particularly repeat offenders - to account with the implementation of perpetrator programs and increased monitoring.
  • The creation of more family violence courts (similar to the courts in Frankston and Heidelberg) able to deal with all matters affecting the victim, including criminal and civil matters, and family law.
  • The provision of mandatory ‘respectful relationships’ classes in all schools.

Following the release of the report, the Victorian government immediately committed an initial $572 million to begin addressing the most urgent areas of need, including crisis accommodation:

" We are very grateful ... many of those who contributed to our work have been directly or indirectly affected by family violence and we thank them for their courage and insight. "

Commissioner Marcia Neave AO

The full report from the Royal Commission into Family Violence is available to view here.