Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast 2020

New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL), Redfern Legal Centre and 2SER are collaborating on Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast.

The podcast aims to answer common questions about strip searches and the law, and will explore key issues driving the rising number of police strip strip searches across NSW.

The collaboration will create episodic content exploring a range of topics, written by community and academic lawyers and produced by 2SER Radio. The episodes will cover issues like what to do if you are approached by police and/or drug detection dogs, and what powers police have to search, seize, detain and arrest.

The podcast will also incude personal stories from people who have been stopped and searched by police, or have been strip searched at music festivals or other public places.

Help make Project Podcast happen

If you'd like to share your strip search story, please email:

NSWCCL is also calling for community support to produce the episodes. Find out how you can support the project here.