RLC in the Media: Rising concerns about strip-search laws

Redfern Legal Centre has raised grave concerns about increased police strip-search activity in NSW, following a police drug search operation at Central Station last month.

Finn O'Keefe, Communications and Volunteer Manager at Redfern Legal Centre, reports for The South Sydney Herald.

RLC is calling for changes to NSW strip-search laws after figures showed police strip searches across the state have almost doubled over the past four years. 

RLC's Police Powers solicitor Sam Lee said these actions were harming community relations with police.

"A high number of strip searches find nothing illegal, which places serious doubt on whether many of these searches are necessary and justfied," Sam Lee said.

"We have begun constructive conversations with police around these issues, but operations like this are causing unnecessary harm."

You can read the full article here (The South Sydney Herald, 3 April 2019)

Redfern Legal Centre has launched a campaign to change NSW strip-search laws, www.safeandsound.org.au.