RLC and Slater and Gordon announce NSW Strip Search Class Actions Investigation

Redfern Legal Centre and Slater and Gordon Lawyers are teaming up to investigate potential class actions for people who have been unlawfully strip-searched by NSW Police in the last six years.

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This unprecedented legal action builds on Redfern Legal Centre’s Safe and Sound campaign to improve strip search laws in NSW, and will seek compensation for people who have been unlawfully searched by NSW Police since 2014.

Have you been strip-searched by NSW Police?  

You may have been subjected to a strip search even if you were not asked to remove your clothes.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You were asked to take off some or all of your clothing
  • You were asked to show or move your bra or underpants
  • Police looked underneath your bra or underpants
  • Police peered into your clothing to see your bra, underpants or parts of your body
  • You were searched after a police drug dog noticed you

Registering for the class actions investigation is confidential and free. You will receive updates about the investigation, as well as find out more about your rights in any potential class action proceedings.

Help stop unlawful strip searches

If you have been searched in an invasive manner by NSW Police anytime since 2014, we invite you to share your story and register your interest in the class actions investigation.

Share your story

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can request to speak to an Indigenous person if preferred.

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