NSW trial offers new approach for rehousing domestic violence victims

The NSW State Government is trialing a new model of living arrangements for victims of serious domestic violence, The Daily Telegraph reports. 

The new model seeks to give women and children affected by domestic violence more independence, by allowing affected family members to be rehoused together in two or three-bedroom units, rather than communal refuges. 

The units are on a single large plot of land with shared security features. The state trial has been initiated in Orange, an area with some of the highest domestic violence assault rates in the state.

Importantly, this new approach will enable women fleeing domestic violence to be rehoused together with their teenage sons, who are often not welcome at communal refuges.

Women and children escaping abusive relationships will be offered a more “homelike environment”, with close access to a separate facility for on-site support that aims to aid their recovery and return to normalcy. 

With over 5,100 women provided with short-term or emergency homeless accommodation in 2016-17, there are hopes a successful trial will lead to the opportunity to provide more accommodation for the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence in our communities. 

Read the full article: NSW trial offers new approach for rehousing domestic violence victims (Anna Caldwell, Exclusive, The Daily Telegraph
May 1, 2018).