Law Week 2019: Showcasing the work of CLCs

To coincide with Law Week 2019, Community Legal Centres NSW and National Association of Community Legal Centres have released a video highlighting the important work that community legal centres provide.

Legal help is an essential service, like health care or housing and provides a safety net. Community legal centres, like Redfern Legal Centre, play a vital role in ensuring that people and communities experiencing discrimination and disadvantage can access the legal help they need, at the time they need it most.

We help people with a range of problems, which means they don’t spiral out of control or create other problems. The community legal sector are forced to turn away hundreds of thousands of people every year which means people aren’t getting the help they need. Failure to properly fund community legal centres results in less services and less people getting the essential help they need to navigate the issues they are experiencing.

Certain, predictable and sustainable funding from the Commonwealth as well as State and Territory Governments is essential to ensure people can get the legal help they need in communities across Australia.

During Law Week, find out more and share information about community legal centres and the vital work the sector does with people and communities across Australia. You can start by watching and sharing this video.