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Increased competition and decreased government funding to community legal centres has meant less financial support for RLC

Redfern Legal Centre means many things to many people. For some RLC is where they started their legal careers. For others RLC’s advice and support assisted them in ending their domestic violence or homelessness. No matter what RLC means to you, one thing holds true, RLC’s work cannot be done without a team! From the volunteers and alumni to pro bono partners, community partners and donors, every member of the team plays an integral part in ensuring RLC continues its 40-year legacy. We are a trusted, reliable, innovative provider of legal advice to disadvantaged communities. Join the team.


In a time of increased competition and decreased government funding, we are struggling to keep on our exceptional paid staff who can train, advise, mentor and support our diverse team.  Your donation will ensure the organisation continues to provide needed legal services for thousands in need each year. By contributing to RLC, you are protecting its legacy and sustaining its future.

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