Court of Conscience: Community Legal Issues in Redfern

UNSW Law Society’s annual social justice journal, Court of Conscience, has launched a special edition focusing on legal issues affecting the Redfern community.

Edition 12: Community Legal Issues in Redfern was formally launched at Redfern Town Hall in October. RLC staff and associates submitted several articles to the edition.

The journal features nine authors considering a broad range of injustices affecting the Redfern community and threats to the area's rich history as a cultural, social and political hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The edition explores issues including  family law and policing to gentrification and historical continuities. The articles are presented in an array of different styles (editorials, academic articles and personal reflections), accompanied by the phenomenal artwork of local artist, Thea Perkins.

Contributors include:

  • Uncle Ken Canning – Poet/Activist
  • Trent Shepherd – Policy Adviser at the Federal Circuit Court
  • Dr. Thalia Anthony – Associate Professor at UTS
  • Prof. Juanita Sherwood – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous) at USYD
  • Frances Gibson – Former Principal Solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre
  • Michael Siciliano – UNSW Law Student
  • Ned Cutcher – Senior Policy Officer at Shelter NSW
  • Dr. Vicki Sentas – Coordinator of Redfern Legal Centre Police Powers' Clinic
  • Joanna Shulman – Redfern Legal Centre CEO

These contributions are accompanied by a powerful foreword from former UNSW Law Dean, Professor David Dixon.

Download the edition