Our Staff

General legal team

Laura Bianchi – Team Leader & Solicitor | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Jasmine Opdam – Acting Team Leader & Solicitor | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Rebecca Campbell – Solicitor | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Amelia Klein – Solicitor | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Maria Monastiriotis  –  Solicitor & Accredited  Family Law Specialist | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Gayatri Nair  – Policy and Capacity Building Officer | Financial Abuse Service NSW

Destiny Valencia  – Legal Support Officer (locum) | Financial Abuse Service NSW

David Hofierka – Solicitor | Credit, Debt & Consumer Law

Sharmilla Bargon – Solicitor | Employment Law

Regina Featherstone – Solicitor | Employment Rights Legal Service

Sean Stimson – Solicitor | International Student Legal Service NSW

Shannon Lin – Migration Advisor, International Students

Sam Lee – Solicitor | Police Powers and Administrative Law

Elle Triantafillou – Solicitor | Police Powers (1 day)

Luke Carr – Solicitor | Health Justice Partnership (HJP) & Care Partners

Maureen Randall – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Access Worker

Inner Sydney Tenancy Advice & Advocacy Service (ISTAAS)

Ned Cooke – Team Leader 

Amanda Brooker – Tenants’ Advocate

Alison Mackey – Tenants’ Advocate

Janice Yeung   – Tenants’ Advocate (locum)

Leanne O’Reilly – Tenancy Advisor

Elle Triantafillou - Tenancy Advisor (2 days)

Administration & Management

Jacqui Swinburne – Chief Executive Officer (A/g) | Chief Operations Officer

Alexis Goodstone – Principal Solicitor

Finn O'Keefe – Communications Manager | Volunteer Manager

Katie Price – Communications Assistant

Nick Manning –  Community Engagement and Education Manager | Intake Manager

Rosie Jimson-Healey – Client Intake Supervisor

Joe Murphy – Client Intake Supervisor

Hilary Chesworth – Administrator

Wendy Wang Administration Assistant

Phill Burne – Operations and IT Support Officer

Tara Ellevsen – Legal Admin Assistant

Amy Zhao – Legal Admin Assistant